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this made it all the more challenging to find my insurance agent’s office. thought i was home free when i found 171, turned out i was wrong. opposite 171? a blank wall. 170, it turns out, is two blocks away.



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my alter ego is amy wynn

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

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and another thing…

(really, i’ve just always wanted to use that title. *g*) i had a dream where all the electrical things in my house went haywire. when i got up, i found that my cell phone was broken.

i find that i get a lot of my current news from Blogdex. i wonder what that says about how we exchange information these days. someday soon, when i have more brain power, there might be an entry in that thought.

i’m still not done with baking. plus, i have to do a little more cleaning. the reward will be going to the Christmas carol service at Trinity tonight.

if i’ve forgotten to say so, you’re all lovely for reading here. thanks! 😉

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random notes:

i really wish i could get this shizznit to work. :/

while i got a lot of things done today, and the place is clean and smells lovely, i still feel behind.

helping a friend bake when you’re trying to finish your own baking is not necessarily good. catching up with your best friend, whom you see far too little, is always good.

parallel parking isn’t fun.

i had some baking mishaps tonight. burnt myself making fudge. hate that Fluff is so damn hard to get out of the jar. (why don’t they use a straight sided jar?) forgot to take the butter out of the fridge to soften, left the dough in the freezer when i just meant to chill it. and i decapitated an entire batch of sugar cookie people. don’t ask.

today was Winter Solstice, and the shortest day of the year. it felt like it.

i wish The Dane were here right about now, to rub my feet.

the correct height working space is critical. which explains why my lower back is toast.

Christmas is only a few days away.

i need sleep.

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because i don’t have an email for you, and it’s a bit crazy these days, so i haven’t found time to write back properly. but i wanted you to know – i devoured Weetzie Bat in a single sitting, and adored it. parts of it made me laugh, others made me tingle, and others made me weepy. all in all, a great little book, and thank you so much for sending it along!

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so naturally, i went to explore. see, if i click thru from the referrer logs, i get a blank page with absolutely nothing helpful in the code. so i went to the home page for Vivisimo Document Clustering. they describe themselves as ‘automatic categorization and content integration software’. okay, i can buy that, i guess.

it’s an interesting twist on search engines, and reminds me of some very nifty groupware i’ve used in the past. still not sure how useful it could be, but i think that’s because the interface is fairly unique. have any of you played around with this? what do you think?

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funny but not funny. ‘Your kid’s in the friggin’ road!’. really, only funny because of the way it was reported. glad everyone is okay.

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