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you may be wondering why i’d ask such a thing. i was over Chica Bean’s parents last night, and was rubbing the Rocket Dog’s tummy. Rocket Dog has very short fur, and right in the middle of her tummy is a little cowlick. and as i ran my hand over the cowlick, i thought ‘huh. do dogs have belly buttons?’

i mentioned that to Chica Bean, who laughed hysterically… and then looked very puzzled. 😉 it led to a lot of discussion.

any ideas, people?


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imagine that. 😉

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because right about now, erika and jay are married. peace and happiness to you both!

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i swear, keeping track of that girl is nearly a full time effort. 😉 well worth it, tho.

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note to self: remember to eat lunch at desk. and keep private things private.


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odd, once you get the blogging bug, it feels like something is missing from the day if you don’t get out a post or two.

sooo… yesterday started with lunch over at Pho Pastuer in Brighton with Jen, Shelley and Laura. that’s not the weird part – it was really nice to meet them all. (it was a bit odd to try explaining to the woman at the restaurant that no, i didn’t want to take a table just yet, because i was waiting for some friends who wouldn’t recognize me.) much food, much intelligent and funny conversation. and i’m sure there will be incriminating photos to follow, right, Shelley? 😉

in a side note, Laura has finally gotten her 15 minutes of fame. yay!

i had scored a perfectly legal street parking spot when i got there, so i had a chance to run over to Flyrabbit before lunch. they always have the coolest stuff. picked up some knick knacks, and a book called ‘The Art of Deception’, a social history of fraud in the age of Barnum.

like i said, that was all fine and lovely. it only got weird after that. ran some errands, returned my too expensive outfit to Ann Taylor and got The Look. got stressed out getting ready for the office holiday party. how on god’s green earth do people do this shit every day, the hair and the makeup and the nails? eh. and there were altogether too many politics involved. i’m no good at politics. not at all.

and then… well, the whole night was about nightmares. you know the ones where you don’t just see things, you feel them too? i had a half dozen different nightmares, the last of which i remember involving imminent death in a car break in. so, yeah. i didn’t sleep well.

there are too many things kicking around in my head these days. i’m working on the inner peace thing, but it’s a rough road. i need to sit with some of these ideas for a bit before i can write about them, probably over in the journal.

for now, i’m gonna curl up on the couch with The Dane and a mug of Horlick’s, and hope for a quiet, dream free night.

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*blink* hi there.

yes, i actually went an entire day without turning on my computer. combined with the usual post holiday exhaustion, i found out Friday that a friend of mine is very sick. it’s amazing how much sleep you can get after sobbing for an hour or two.

right. slept 14 hours straight, got up to eat, took a nap, had some juice, watched some TV, and slept some more. and with that, my entire Saturday was gone.

clearly, my body needed to hibernate for a day or two. today promises to be a little more productive. sunny day, good tunes on the radio, The Dane on his way over, and plenty of projects beckoning. *wipes tea off the keyboard* provided i don’t short out the wiring, some of them might even get done. 😉

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