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when telling the story of your day involves the line ‘and as i hydroplaned past the statie, i thought…’, it’s bound to have been a long day. and i’m pretty sure there’s a new tear in the seat fabric in my car. that, and boxing up lots of memories, and trying to figure out driving directions for my parents… i held it together until i pulled into my parking spot at home, then just let it all out.

so, today, i’m puttering and (surreptitiously) browsing the Center for Wooden Boats, where the Cap’n was this weekend, and looking at pretty boats. it’s soothing to look at those gorgeous craft out on the water. soothing is definitely in order today.


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so much for driving down on a better day, weather-wise. my dad was concerned about road safety yesterday. frankly, it doesn’t look much better this morning. it’s still pouring down rain. but i’m about to hop in the car and go, because i’ve been trying to do this for weeks, and if anything else gets in the way, i’m going to end up screaming for a very long time. this on again, off again planning has been eating away at me.

random bit: i put on my white logo shirt for Job #2 yesterday, because i didn’t want to dirty up a shirt that i might wear some other time – and promptly drooled cherry filling down the front of it. thank heavens for low lighting, eh? because yes, i did mop myself up and wear the shirt anyway, pink stripe and all.

i think it might be a good idea for me to go find some coffee as step #1 this morning, don’t you?

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once i managed to extricate myself from the office, things improved. this was the first V Day for me and The Dane. i spent the afternoon at home, cleaning, and prepping for dinner. then he and i met up to see some cartoons. yes, that’s right. we went to see cartoons. all the Bugs Bunny ‘toons from 1952. the best part of that (besides the tub of popcorn) was seeing familiar cartoons with some very excited kids. The Dane and i have both seen all the ‘toons before, and it was a real kick to hear some little boy giggling and saying ‘hee! they roasted his foot!’ while watching a Sylvester short. nice reminder of what’s cool and funny about those ‘toons.

then we came home for dinner, and i have to say, i set a damn fine table. we had a little cheese and patè to nibble on, then a composed salad (tomatoes, olives, hearts of palm, dijon dressing), then steamed sparrow grass and deviled crab. i’m very happy that i found slim, lovely spring sparrow grass. (my brother called asparagus sparrow grass once.) dessert? i wimped out on making that, and picked up cappucino mousse chocolate cups. does garnishing them with fresh raspberries count as making dessert? 😉

out to see a film, in for dinner, lovely conversation, sweet cards… all in all, a very satisfactory Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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it’s been quite the week. frustration, stress, fun, surprises, and a whole lotta cold.

i’ve been evaluating much of my life lately. not that i’m unhappy, per se, more that i can’t say i’m thrilled or pleased with where things are going. and i’m worried that if i don’t take the time to evaluate things, i’ll suddenly find myself at 65 saying ‘why didn’t i?’. i don’t want to say that. i’d rather evaluate the options now, and say ‘why don’t i?’, and make my choices accordingly.

so. a whole lot of processing, and a serious effort not to lose sight of the here and now whilst doing all that thinking. not sure where it’s all leading, but i’ll be sure to keep you posted. 😉

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so this would be an excellent time to quit smoking, right? right.

i swear, if noone’s decapitated before the end of the week, it will be a minor miracle.

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lovely, eh? spent nearly the whole weekend napping and drooling, when i wasn’t slurping down orange juice. how charming. really and truly, i do not have the time for this. (like anyone does…)

and i had to come in early this morning, despite being pretty wiped out. yeah. this was one of those ‘work is not optional’ days. altho i certainly wish it had been…

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i got home tonight to find a message on my machine. it was an automated voice, so i nearly just erased it. and then i caught who it was.

someone tried to make a collect call to me from Suffolk County Correctional Institution. *excuse me?*

no, i do not know anyone there. but, um… hello? what the fuck? i’ve gotta believe that if you only get one outgoing call, per day or whatever, that you try to get the number *right*.

yeesh. hey, at least i have the Attack Cat of Death to protect me tonight. 😉

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