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1. Trolling:: compliments

2. Profile:: elegant

3. Tin:: pan alley

4. Phenom:: flame out

5. Mug shot:: diner mug

6. Tubular:: valley girl

7. Six Flags:: New England

8. Pickup:: artist

9. Auction:: poker

10. Astonishing:: love


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got to sleep in a little yesterday, spent the day in the park with my two favorite boys, worked a fabulous concert on the waterfront at sunset, found shorts that fit adult-type people, and am about to head off for the inaugural sail of the season (yes, this really is the first sail, after all that work!).

weekends don’t get much better than this.

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the past few months have been fairly tumultuous, for a variety of reasons. some of it i want to talk about, especially now that things are calming down some. (well, in a few respects, anyway. others are increasingly dramatic. feh.)

but i want to do it properly, rather than just fling things at the wall to see what sticks. so. pondering, scribbling, piecing together my version of the last few months, as much for my own sanity as anything, to see what i can get out of it. soonish, i promise.

in the meantime, i’ll leave you with this: why is it that watermelon candy tastes nothing like watermelon? i mean, it’s a fairly distinctive flavor, one that you can always pick out as watermelon. but it doesn’t taste anything like the fruit. so how do we learn that it’s faux watermelon? huh?

(yes, i’ve been pondering that one for some time. 🙂 )

oh! also – two new kids on the block. The Dane has his very own spot, as does lo dog. go say hi, welcome them aboard, make ’em feel at home, and tell ’em i sent you.

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Tumbler:: acrobat

Recital:: grade school

Reform:: third party politics

Nipple:: rose bud

Jackal:: spy novel

Mailtruck:: sand bag

Merchandise:: consumerism

Comma:: overused

Erotica:: sensual

Ferment:: foment

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ech. sick.

yup. fever, exhaustion, sore throat. right in time for my presentation to the entire department.

how my thought process went this morning: hey, maybe i can get a doctor’s note for West Nile virus and give the whole thing a miss, eh? nah. didn’t think so. lots of tea, no milk, to soothe the throat, and marshalling my fading resources to not sound like a complete babbling fool in front of the whole gang. oh, and i’m a guinea pig for new technology. yippy skippy.

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Arbitrary:: annoying

Sweatshop :: illegal

Cotton ball:: pom pom socks

Intimate:: trusting

Forgotten :: past

Photography:: liminal

Secretary:: desk (as in, the piece of furniture called a secretary, not that… oh, never mind.)

Stadium:: arena

Purpose:: defining

Shoe box:: studio apartment

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whoopsie daisy.

seems my commenting system is having some hosting issues. my apologies. you can still contact me thru email, or sign the (nearly moribund) guestbook, should you care to leave any words. here’s hoping Haloscan gets things squared away quickly; if not, i’ll investigate other options.

back to your regularly scheduled Monday.

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