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ever have one of those days where you really wish you could go all schoolyard on someone, rather than making the effort to be rational and grown up, and nod and smile and say ‘uh huh. i see. no problem.’

yeah. *sigh*


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Partner:: equal

Goddess:: Mother Earth

Village:: straw hut

Relationships:: work

Irrational:: spontaneous

Volcano:: Etna

Fabulous:: fantabulous

Unencumbered:: naked

Coyotes:: Arizona

Fulfilled:: shipment

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it’s always amazing to me how tiring it can be to Do Nothing. 😉 honestly, if you boil down the moments where i had to do things this weekend, it comes down to an hour or two. and yet, when we were headed home the other night, i was bone deep tired. how is that?

we drove, we ate, we napped, we sailed, we ate more, we napped, we drove. that doesn’t seem strenuous, does it?

there are a couple of good stories out of the weekend, notably the Great Lobstah Sagah and the Hose Fitting Incident. just funny things that happened, but i don’t have the energy to tell them properly right now. maybe tomorrow. hopefully you’ll all have the patience to let me get that together properly, yes?

also, there were a few stressful things that happened. mmph. hrm. see, here’s the thing: i want to talk about all that, on some level, because i need to get it all out of my head. on the other hand…

one of the referrer strings that brought someone to my site recently was ‘what does it mean to journal?’. most excellent question. what does it mean? i had a much readier answer when my life was all about me. but lately, there are other people who mean a lot to me, and who play a large role in my life.

and it’s not fair for me to write about others, on some level. i write to talk about my life. i write to get my own demons out. i write to explain what i find funny. i write about what irritates me. me. mine. my. and i don’t say that to be selfish. i say that to explain, in some way, how i choose to define the part of me that i share in this space.

there are days where i would dearly love to spill every damn thought that goes thru my head. hell, the cost of a domain is less than therapy, yes? on the other hand… not so much. that will make sense to some people, not so much to others. and, in some way that fits neatly with that definition, i can’t worry about explaining it to everyone.


Short Version: excellent weekend. thanks for reading. drop me a line or leave a comment. opinions welcome. 🙂

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1. Wizard of Oz:: Bert Lahr

2. Ford:: river

3. Wrinkles:: saggy

4. Extravagant:: gold leaf

5. Conventional:: boring

6. Stewart:: couch

7. Offensive:: football

8. Heartbeat:: fetal

9. Chaos:: ordinary

10. Jiffy:: lube

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so many thanks to mike for pointing out Bill Moyers interview with Jon.

You know if I– if I really wanted to enact social change, I have great respect for people who are in the front lines and the trenches of trying to enact social change. I am far lazier than that. I am a tiny, neurotic man, standing in the back of the room throwing tomatoes at the chalk board. And that’s really it.

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The Blog Cooperative. the news blurb intrigued me because of the mention of real world money, and a quick skim of the site mentions charities – worth investigating some more, altho where i’ll carve out time for that in my already packed days, i’m not sure. 😉

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You’re Frylock! The brains of the operation, you like to use your smarts for fighting crime and solving problems. Often, you wonder why people are such idiots.

Which Aqua Teen Hunger Force character are you?

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