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Bay:: bridge

Boarding school:: exile

Riddle:: me this

Hunger:: pang

Allergy:: sneeze

Sponsored:: ride

Spin:: table

Interest:: curiosity

Scrabble:: hard

Mold:: difficult


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sooo. tie. red.

damn. how did my parents ever do this? i love my parents, and i’ve known for a while that they did an amazing thing, raising three kids. and there was a point when i was mid 20s that i realized just how much energy that took. or, at least, i thought i did.

day-um. The Dane and i spent today at the zoo, with Little Monkey Boy. that boy outran me, in spades. i had no idea that it took *soooooo* much energy to follow a 5 year old around for four hours. i figured, the zoo is fenced in, so once we get in, he can run around as much as he wants, no harm, no foul, right? shyeaaaah. right. with each animal having an average attraction time of 5 seconds before we need to find the next animal, it was like running a damn marathon.

that being said, i had the time of my life watching LMB discovering snakes and bugs and birds and bats. the bats were a big hit. also a bit hit was the jaguar, who was awake and playing in the wading pool (many animals were napping today). the jaguar dragged a big plastic barrel out of the pool, batting it around before and after, which was all lovely. also good was the yak, who made loud yakkey noises while we were there. ever seen a five year old imitate a yak? it’s funny. 🙂

i think next time, we may start a little earlier in the day, so that more animals are awake.

oohhhhh! i nearly forgot! we got to see koalas, which was the reason for going in the first place. koalas are amazing animals, so perfectly adapted to their environment. somewhere on the list of Things To Do in a Lifetime for me is travel to Australia, because i would love to see koalas in their natural habitat.

mmmmrph. more to say about the night job and dinner with some wonderful women last night, but right now? exhaustion and my pillow both beckon. have a great weekend, y’all.

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happy birthday to me…

funny, i think that’s the same way i start my entries on my birthday every year. perhaps because i do have the bad habit of singing to myself? and yes, i really do sing happy birthday to myself. there was that brief interlude of singing the Cartman version, but thankfully, we’re past that now. 😉

you may have noticed (or not, if you’re not one of my three regular readers) that things have been a bit quiet here the last few days. i’ve been out and about, doing busy birthday things, travelling, and generally not having any time around a computer.

Saturday was a lovely day in Maine. (side note: guys don’t seem to be much better at estimating travel time than they do distances. makes sense, as the two are related.) after a certain point, every corner became the door to an absolutely lovely vista – water and trees and boats and sun and cottages, all begging for a good long vacation so you could explore them properly. i suspect that a week in Maine may be on the books for next summer. met the last bit of The Dane’s immediate family, and had a lovely afternoon on the farm.

Sunday, Chica Beanie and i tried to go to an arboretum, and ended up having some of the tastiest seafood going, under a tent on the marina, in the rain. she also made me my favorite dinner – eggplant pancakes with red pepper sauce, feta, and kalamata olives. mmmm. plus, i snuck in a nap. napping and good food – how can you go wrong with that? 😉

and yesterday was all about the beach. how Chef and Chica Bean managed to get my ass out of bed before the ass crack of dawn is beyond me, but it was well worth it. coffee and egg salad sandwiches at sunrise on the beach – yeah. it was pretty okay. 🙂 lovely little beach, with a great snack shack, and a nifty bath house with skylights and showers. again, all about the napping and good food. i even had a cotton candy flavored soft serve cone.

last night was a lovely, mellow dinner at a local jazzy joint with The Dane, and much catching up. amazing how much can happen in a few days. also, red organdy ribbon. that’s all i’m sayin’. 🙂

today is more puttering. everyone should have their birthday off, i think. i also think my birthday should be a national holiday, so take that with a grain of salt. i think a trip to the Public Garden may be in order; i’ve never been on the swan boats. that, and a little sun and reading and napping (notice a theme here?), and then a ball game. yeah, baby… home game with my boys.

doesn’t get much better than this.

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1. Only you:: can make me feel this way… (yeah, i grew up on the oldies)

2. 33:: Christ

3. Foundation:: Ayn Rand

4. Accidents:: will happen

5. Hometown:: girl

6. Natural:: free and easy

7. Bombastic:: boom box

8. Bachelor:: pad

9. Far away:: and away afar

10. Tony:: award

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to wit: not only did i start the day with the deck stacked against me, not only had i had enough nightmares to ruin my sleep, not only were the nightmares bad enough that my fears actually coagulated and took shape *in my room* (nothing like waking up to a black cloud to freak you out), not only am i ragingly PMSy (PMSey?), not only is my inner ear still fucking around with me and giving me vertigo in retaliation for a particularly challenging sail yesterday, but.

i very carefully packed up a lovely lunch of pasta, and papaya slices for dessert, and a Red Bull for morning fortification – and then left them all just inside my door at home, with the Red Bull sweating a little ring mark on my nice wooden table. see, i had to put some things into my bag (like keys, and wallet, which are sort of necessary), and needed my hands free. down goes the lunch bag, down goes the can of rocket fuel, into the bag goes the wallet and keys, and out the door goes me. sans lunch.

and then i got to eat my hat, in Boss Man’s office.

is it Friday yet?

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Miss America:: fake

Cherubs:: seraphim

Shark Week:: gory

Sunflowers:: seeds

Sorority:: catty

Grilled chicken:: mesquite

100:: proof

Tickle monster:: ouch

Veronica:: hammil

Slurpee:: orange

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‘but the most important thing is lunch. should we go get some lunch?’

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