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it’s all corrected now, but i think i just may anyhoo. (hey, how come nobody pinged me on the double? i get emails on spelling errors and grammar, so how this slipped past you folks is a mystery. 🙂 )

i’ve been all snurfly the last few days, as well as generally panicked, hence the quietude. (is that a word? should be.) the panic comes from i’m feeling overwhelmed about the whole parental-type person role again (still?). nothing like having a 5 year old point at you and repeatedly question ‘no, who *is* that?’ because you don’t fit easily into their idea of the world to further destablize one’s already shaky grasp of what this new role is and how it all works.

how is it that there isn’t a handbook with clear, easy steps to follow for hard shit like this? eh?? and if there is, where can i get my copy, stat?


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unconscious mutterings:

Concert:: hall

Sydney:: poitier

Shower:: glass

Patterns:: knit

Market:: basket

Chair:: of the board

London:: calling

Reception:: ist

Republican:: party

Cough:: hack

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unconscious mutterings:

Plan B:: safeguard

Seattle:: Slew

The lady wore:: red

Upsetting:: tip over the table

Tampon:: string on fire

Celebrity:: hat trick

Baja:: surfing

64:: MGB

RGB:: Roy G Biv

Milkshake:: float

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last night was Comics Come Home IX. what a great show! (the fact that i was getting paid to watch and laugh didn’t hurt, either.) the local boys were certainly my favorites; and i loved that nearly 3000 people were laughing along with Big Dig jokes.

ever notice how there’s a quality to laughter that lets you know why someone is laughing? the polite ‘party manners’ laugh, the uncomfortable giggle, the entertained laugh, the ‘heard it before’ snicker, the completely caught off guard belly laugh – you can always tell. there was something about the ‘he’s joking about my town, and he’s from here, so he can do that’ laugh that’s really comforting. plus, when someone does a sight gag to explain why they think the whole bridge to tunnel to bridge bit was designed and drawn by a narcoleptic… it’s even funnier when half the people in the room had to drive over that bridge to get there.

so many funny bits… the one that sticks the most is a weather bit. now, each time i think about the weather, i hear Don Gavin saying, ‘When I was a kid, we didn’t have wind chill. We had ‘seems like’.’ heh. none of this fabricating a formula to figure out how cold it seems like, just say ‘it seems like -15°!’

the night was also worth it for the once in a lifetime factor. how often do you see Phil Esposito and Don Bucyk tending bar and doing shots of Jamesons with Denis Leary? not often, i suspect, which is why i’m glad i was there.

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what else could explain doo wop horses? (click on each one, once to toggle on, once to toggle off.)

i suppose i shouldn’t really comment, tho, since i had enough time to try out various combinations of horses, should i? 😉 (tips to b for that one)

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Leapfrog :: bushwhack

Co-workers :: impolite

Mustang :: Sally

Waffer :: Australian

Nicotine :: addiction

Fast food :: obesity

Suffocate :: pillowcase

Myth :: of fingerprints

Lane :: change

Unexpected :: jump

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i can’t get enough sleep, no matter what.

i hate that there’s not nearly as much sunlight these days. especially when it rains.

there are too many things that need to get done, and i keep not making time.

there are too many things that have happened, and i haven’t found the focus to write them down, even for myself. (see item #1)

and i’m generally pretty sad these days.

did i mention i’ve got gut wrenching cramps today?

/whine off

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