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*cough cough ahem*

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy biiiiirthday, dear sweetie

happy birthday toooooo you!

boop boop be doo.

happiest birthday, babe. 🙂


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yep, that’s when Christmas started for me.

*patpatpatpatpatpat* ‘beth! beth! it’s morning!’

~sigh~ ‘okay, *technically* you’re right. but you need to sleep more.’

LMB opted for his own bed… the first time. and i didn’t go back to sleep, because i figured that might be the case. sure enough, half an hour later…

*patpatpatpatpatpat* ‘beth! beth! it’s Christmas morning! wake up!’

‘y’know, Santa has a lot of houses to get to, so he’s probably still working. come up here, little one.’

ah…. snoring. 🙂 always good when the Santa card works. that one held out until 5:30, and i figured if he could wake up the dad-type person, it was fair game to get up then. oh, and it was so worth it to see that little face light up, mouth agape at the tree and the gifts and the lights.

so. Christmas started a leetle early for me, and went late, and i got to see lots of people, and listen to Dylan Thomas, and have a lovely time (between yawns), and i’m still recovering, so more stories tomorrow.

hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and that Santa was very good to you. 🙂

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i’ve just about gotten things gotten/wrapped/sorted, and worked out schedules for the next few days; looks like we’ll get to see most everyone in a reasonable sort of way. (as for the unreasonable ways… well. 😉 ) haven’t completely lost my mind yet. oh, hush, you. 😉

it seems things go in cycles – some years, i have time to print my own wrapping paper and make gifts from scratch, other years (like this one), things are a little less Martha Stewart-y. and it always takes until about this point, where things are settled in to what they’ll be, that i can see that it doesn’t make much difference one way or the other, because i’ll still get to see the people i love.

may you have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate this turning of the year.

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unconscious mutterings:

  1. Exchange:: rate

  2. Parental Advisory:: useless

  3. Blowout:: tyre

  4. Spider:: web

  5. Happy:: go lucky

  6. Intense:: sour

  7. Corrupt:: mafia

  8. Got:: had

  9. Crude:: oil

  10. Three::of spades

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i’ve been sitting on some news for a few days. there were people i wanted to talk to, and people he wanted to talk to, and phone calls have been successfully made, and now i can say it here:

The Dane and i are officially engaged.

yep. amidst all the other holiday insanity, trying to plan and shop and get organized and have a life, we decided to make it official.

there are stories to follow, of course; but, for now, i just want to say this: babe, i love you very much. and thank you for choosing to make me part of your life. 🙂

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unconscious mutterings:

Warning:: bell

Aspirations:: dreams

Starvation:: diet

Lid:: hat

Sketch:: artist

Interrogate:: inquisition

Credit:: voucher

Scotch:: broth

Confused:: lost at sea

Paris:: plaster of

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1. Blizzard:: flurry

2. J:: is for jello

3. Control:: freak

4. Blood:: serum

5. Mysterious:: ailment

6. Annoying:: pesty

7. Throat:: ear and nose

8. Condom:: inspiration

9. Search:: warrant

10. Heartfelt:: sincere

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