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happy Samhain!

happy Halloween, and blessed Samhain to those who observe!


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keeping every available digit crossed.

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Blackout:: cake

Platinum:: band

Leather and lace:: reunion

Court:: and spark

Mind your own business:: nosy

Gambling:: riverboat

Lily:: of the valley

Evasive:: autobahn

Turn-on:: the lights

Suspect:: Clue

odd, scattered sorts of things in my brain this week, apparently.

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Friday was MNO (Moms Night Out) at a local Mexican place. picture this: moms with no kids or partners, tequila, and a few hours to kick back and enjoy. i was really happy to be invited, and had a great time.* not much tequila for me, because that’s no longer entertaining. but that wasn’t necessary to have an interesting time with these women.

Saturday we went to visit my bro and his family, including Miz Peach, who is now 4 months old and immensely adorable. Little Small had a good enough time with Beaner (technically, i suppose they’re almost-cousins, but they don’t care about technicalities) and her friends that he was crushed to leave, so we’re going to plan a return trip soon. i’m thinking, we could take all of them out to a movie and give my bro and his wife a small break.

and today, after sleeping in, The Dane and i did a bunch of very productive shopping, then just messed around the house. we got some winterish clothes for us, some for LS, some supplies for the house, some Halloween items, and even a few splurges. nothing felt rushed, which was the best part for me.

things to investigate: is the whole staggering Tylenol and Motrin when treating sick kids just a big marketing ploy? and what were the Republican party planks in 1860? how do they look compared to todays?

and tonight, i will indulge in the luxury known as Thermapads – air activated heating bandaids, really, as they’re adhesive. i’m hoping to wake up tomorrow with a much less tense neck.

* i’ve realized a few things lately about relationships in general, and school transition specifically, that i’ll write more about later – when i can focus for more than five minutes. it’s been an interesting eye opener for me, and i’d like to get your feedback when i can formulate a sentence or two.

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Dimension:: Fifth

Roger:: Wilco

CSI:: oh, man, who is that lead guy actor? him. that’s what i think of.

Passenger:: fare

Thankful:: feast

Has-been:: washed up

Bambino:: Curse of

Wrinkles:: iron

Cable TV:: expensive

Voicemail:: tag

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What I’ve Learned: Christopher Reeve (1952 – 2004)

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Name 3 things….

1….your ideal salad has on it.

black olives, excellently fresh vegetables, tasty dressing.

2….you do religiously in the morning.

swear at the alarm clock, brush my teeth and take my pills, tell the cat to behave as i leave the house.

3….you look forward to doing in your spare time.

spare time? what’s that? if such a thing existed, i think lounging around with a good book, making bread, or napping whenever the urge struck would all be good.

4….you’ve never done before, but think you will at some point in your life.

get a tatoo, travel to Europe, have a kid.

5….you love to do while on vacation.

try new restaurants, go to museums or historic buildings,

6….you took pictures of in the last month.

hm. despite the fact i have a snazzy new camera, i don’t think i’ve taken many pictures. last pictures i remember taking are of Little Small holding his first lost tooth, LS in his karate uniform, and lots and lots of sun and sand pictures from vacation.

7….you have to do before the end of the day.

eat, relax, kiss my sweetie good night.

8….you like about your best friend.

her compassion, wicked sense of humor, and hugs.

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