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unconscious mutterings:

holiday:: swamped

fault:: line

beep:: beep – Roadrunner

bubble:: bath

needle:: in a haystack

fare:: menu

treat:: chocolate

express:: lane

webcam:: boring

capital:: expenditure


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the happy new family after the ceremony. 🙂 will write more soon, but wanted to get this out for the curious.

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i’m thinking of church mice, for some reason, sitting in the back of the church in a warm corner, watching the candles and listening to the carols. perhaps because i’d like to be the church mouse – quiet, warm, drinking in the service.

spent much of the day with family and friends, and plan to do the same again tomorrow. scrambling now, as always, to get the last few things wrapped, tucked in stockings or under the tree, figuring out what to bring where, what to do for breakfast, and looking forward to curling up under the covers. this year, i get to do all that with my husband. 🙂 our third Christmas as a couple, and our first as husband and wife – and it feels lovely.

may your holiday be warm, peaceful, joyous, and spent in the company of those you love.

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a literary quiz of Christmas stories, courtesy of The Guardian. (you may need to register for the site, but it’s free, and The Guardian is a good read.)

it’s snowing here, just a dusting so far, but who knows what it will be by the end of the day. i think that makes for a good night (provided the roads aren’t too slippy) to go driving around looking at Christmas lights, because they look so much prettier with snow on the ground. i’ll also be observing holiday lights from here with her and her tonight (and thinking of her, who may or may not be able to make it).

eta: no cocktail hour tonight, as plans were not quite as set as i’d thought, she isn’t feeling well, and she is packing, and if we wait until after the first of the year, perhaps we can corral her to join us. 😉 plus, it’s really just too motherfuckin’ cold out, so i won’t miss running from T stop to warm building. i mean, come on. 10°. yes, it’s winter in New England, but honestly.

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we be hitched.  :)

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unconscious mutterings:

Plot:: twist

Farce:: Ben Jonson

Unexpected:: surprises

Siren:: mermaid

Ben:: jamin

Freshman:: fifteen

Quicksand:: ROUS

24 hours:: not enough time

Spunky:: redhead

Vicious:: rumour

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we got tickets to see the Art Deco exhibit at the MFA this past weekend. (thank heavens for memberships, which are a good deal anyway, and very helpful on limited budgets.) Little Small was interested, because he’d seen the 1930s car in the lobby when we took him a few weekends ago to see the samurai armor. (did i tell that story? mmmph. poke me if i didn’t.)

so we get there, and have about half an hour before going to the exhibit. we take him in to see some of the more modern art, including a piece that’s a big ol’ concave mirror. boy, dancing around in front of that was fun! also, chandeliers blinking Morse code. and then we just poked around the galleries. LS stopped every few feet to draw what he was seeing, in the sketchbook he carried around with him. his art skills are quite creditable, and it was interesting to see what he picked to draw (Tiffany and LaFarge among them).

then we get into the Art Deco exhibit. (he was adorable giving the tickets to the staff person.) so many pretty things, and he saw so many little details in the objects (granted, with the attention span of a 6 year old, but still quite attentive). i tried to point out a few things here and there that i thought might click for him, and at one point, sat him down to look at a Picasso. ‘this one is by a famous artist [ed. note: yeah, like he cares] named Picasso, honey. it’s a picture of a woman.’

*puzzled look* ‘huh? it just looks like a bunch of rocks and blocks.’

makes me giggle, even just telling the story. calls ’em like he sees ’em, that one. 🙂

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