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it’s not as if there isn’t stuff going on, i just haven’t found the focus to sit down to write. and i’d like to be writing; it’s interesting to me to go back and reread sections, a few months here and there, to see how life looked at the time.

so rather than sitting here kicking myself for not writing War and Peace, i’m going to try a new tactic: 5 minutes a day. write for 5 minutes, whatever falls out of my head is what goes out there, and that’s that. small steps, small steps. better than no steps, yes? 🙂

speaking of small steps, i had a great couple of days with Little Small last week. it was school vacation, so we had long stretches of beautiful, sunny days to go mess around. we found a great park, across the street from the zoo, where we spent nearly all our time. picnic lunch, playground, ball field, zoo, and hiking trails – plus friends to hang out with, and no real schedule, other than to be home for dinner – about as good as it gets from a kid’s point of view, i think. we did go for a hike, and the view across the lake from the high point of the trail made it all worth it. LS did well for nearly the whole hike, which i think was about an hour and a half, altho i couldn’t swear to it – no watch. 🙂 we played all kinds of sports, and he even got me to play football, which was a first.

the good weather is also a boon for The Dane, who’s back to working outside, and ramping up for the season. life with a vaudeville entertainer never lacks for interest, that’s for sure.

and me… i’m plugging along. sunny days are a good thing. they help.

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i’m glad to be doing it and all, and would rather be doing it than not, but some days are just brutally hard. i was trying to describe it to my sister tonight, and the best i can do is this: the really hard days are like slogging thru pudding. and not good pudding, either. lima bean pudding.

here’s hoping for a pudding-free day tomorrow.

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Renewal:: Spring
Someone to talk to:: hubby
Count:: Von Count (from Sesame Street!)
Expiration:: date
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Holy:: Maundy
Change in the air:: sea breeze
Titillating:: impatient
Glorious:: sunset

speaking of sunsets, we just found out last night that we’ll be able to rent the same cottage we had last year for our summer vacation! saw some glorious sunsets that week, and am thrilled to be looking forward to a week of nothing but grilled hotdogs, fresh corn, lazing on the beach, and playing Parcheesi. all those years i forgot to use my vacation time… what was i thinking? 😉

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last few times around, i remember reading the coverage in Time magazine, and being fascinated by the process (conclaves? secret votes? white smoke? what was all of this?), more than by the people involved. then there was a new Pope, who barely had time to sit on the chair. and then, in rapid succession, it happened all over again.

this time, it feels more personal, in the sense of it being about a real person. i’m not Catholic, but i have an appreciation for John Paul II, and his efforts (catholic) to reach outside of the Church, while still running the Catholic Church. while i disagreed with him on many points, he made every effort to be humanitarian in the way he understood the word. and, as many newscasts have pointed out, he was certainly instrumental in changing the landscape of Communist countries – not something i would have seen or appreciated without the observation of others, but certainly rings true.

more than that, the last month or so he seemed to be very human, and very tired. before the extent of his illness became apparent, i had hoped he might exercise his right to step down, and have one last rest in the countryside. it seemed the least he deserved.

peace be with you, Karol.

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you know what happened, right? mmmph. ‘blogger ate my post.’ sort of like the dog and the homework, but truer, and more frustrating.

i’m hoping to find the energy and time, on a nice rainy afternoon tomorrow, to rewrite it all. for now, i’m going to snuggle with my husband on the couch, because that’s about all the energy i have (we’ve both been sick much of the week). couch snuggling is always good. 🙂

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