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merry Christmas! :)

finally wrapped the last present, ate the evidence (so to speak) of the Santa cookies, nibbled on the carrots left for the reindeer, cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry… and i think we’re set for tomorrow. if not, i’ll punt.

Little Small is with us for Christmas eve and morning this year (we flip flop the schedule), and i can’t tell you how thrilled i am. seems to me that’s the better part of the deal, if you ask me. i mean, it’s great to get to spend any part of the holiday with him, but the staying up late to catch Santa, and getting up early to tear into stockings and presents? that’s the best. and Santa has a limited shelf life, of which we only get to share half, so i’m definitely treasuring this one. i don’t think it’ll be the last (he’s 7), but you never know.

after the early morning mania, i’m off to church at a slightly more leisurely pace (LS will be off with his mom); hopefully, hubby will feel up to joining me, but if not, that’s fine. (he’s been nursing a bad cold for a while.) we’ll get to visit with Chica and Chef and their family later on; got to spend a good chunk of today (well, technically yesterday, by the time i post this, but i’m still awake, so it’s still the same day. like that logic?) with my family – parents, sis and her hubby, and a quick visit with my gram. i’m glad i was able to largely set aside a simmering issue and enjoy the time. you’ll notice my brother’s family is not on that list…and i’m disappointed and hurt that they didn’t make it, after saying they would be there. feh. in any event, it was a nice day – and the traffic didn’t suck!

best and brightest wishes for a peaceful, warm holiday, spent with those you love.

merry Christmas!


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yesterday was the official date. hubby had gotten a nice tip on his gig, so we opted to go out for dinner. and while i’d meant to make dinner, it was a lovely treat. it’s been so long since we’ve been on a ‘date’ date that neither of us could remember when the last one was.

tonight, i made us a lovely dinner – seared scallop appetizer, butter lettuce salad with lemon/shaved parmesan dressing, steak Diane, roasted potatoes with a lemon bread crumb topping, and chocolate mousse with raspberries for dessert.

the thing that struck me, and (i think) hubby, the most the other night was that this is the first anniversary we’ve each/both enjoyed, and actually liked celebrating. it was sort of a novelty to be sitting across the table from each other, holding hands, and thinking, ‘yeah! this is how it should be!’

i love being married to my hubby. i love him, i love being with him, i love that being with him makes me a better person, i love that we learn and grow and flourish together.

happy anniversary, honey. 🙂

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unconscious mutterings:

Replenish:: hydrate
People:: friendly
Trend:: setter
Girlfriends:: martinis
Spirit:: èelan
Banshee:: Celtic
Oasis:: palm trees
Thrills:: roller coaster
Fountain:: s of Wayne
Boxes:: moving (ugh!)

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unconscious mutterings:

Stalker:: Rebecca Schaeffer
Outrageous:: Divine
Carrying:: Card
Spirited:: èlan
Oh!:: my god
Grid:: iron
Country:: kettle
Karen:: Carpenter
Candles:: romance
Relationship:: worth the effort

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it’s still on the roof of my car, as i couldn’t find the tree stand. (turns out hubby squirrelled it away in our back stairwell. go, him, for finding it. 😉 ) Little Man and i had a good time picking it out, and the kid who helped us not only carried the tree to our car, but tied it down (for which he got a well deserved tip).

while i do think that Thanksgiving sort of gets the bum’s rush in the haste to reach Christmas, i also love getting to Xmas. it’s just that i can’t start until after Turkey Day.

i’ve put up a wreath on the front door, some seasonal things in the front garden, decorated the (transplanted) evergreen out front (now buried in snow, go figure), put a garland up on the railing on the stairs to the bedroom, set up the nativity scene on the china cabinet, and decorated a miniscule tabletop tree.

does mildly obsessive fit the bill? 😉 i said to hubby, ‘hey, at least i won’t ask you to put animated lit reindeer on the roof!’… and he seemed a bit relieved, but not much. 🙂

looking forward to setting up the tree and decorating it in the next few days. also, anticipating the baking for various people – always fun to be in the kitchen.

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not just mad, but truly disappointed. our former landlord knew we were looking to buy the house, and he chose to have his guy do a shit job on the repair, hoping we wouldn’t catch it before we close. and we didn’t. hey, if you spend 3 hours in my bathroom, and leave bits of drywall scattered around, i’m going to assume that you, oh, i dunno, *used* some of that drywall to fix the wall? nope. just stacked the tiles and glued them together. they collapsed so easily when our plumber came to fix the mess that the plumber (according to my husband) screamed like a little girl.

and that is just so many kind of wrong. (the shit repair, not the screaming.) i mean, we knew we were signing up for an *ss-f*cking when we bought the house. we didn’t challenge the assessment (and i don’t even know that he had one done), even tho it came in well over the town’s assessment of the property. we didn’t argue when he asked for cash to cover some of the closing costs. hell, we didn’t even complain about driving to RI to do the closing! we made choices, took the *ss-f*cking, and were okay with what we signed up for, because we got exactly what we wanted – which was a house, and the chance to hold on to our home, and the ability to stay put.

the gratuitous *ss-f*cking, however, makes me angry. he took advantage of our good will, and boned us right up the *ss, guaranteeing with his shitass repair that we’d be on the hook for several thousand in repairs, within a year. doubly disappointing, because he just didn’t seem like that kind of guy.


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so we were all sleepy-happy, and slow to get moving. hubby headed down to get breakfast (and coffee) happening, and i pattered into the bathroom – and gasped.

snow! the trees outside the bathroom window were furred with snow, and it was coming down in soft, gentle drifts.

snow sneaks up on you, not like rain, which announces its presence with an insistent drumbeat. snow just arrives, and waits to greet you.

i love the first, pretty snowfall of the season. it transforms the bare branches and brown patches to something magical. by February, i will have forgotten this moment, but at the very first, it’s wonderful.

it fortuitously timed, as well; yesterday, we did all sorts of outdoor (and indoor) holiday things in town, as part of the holiday weekend. we went to a petting zoo, and i saw dromedary and bactrian camels, for the first time, i think. (i went to the National Zoo with my family many years ago, and only remember the white tigers and the panther.) LM fed the llamas and the nubian goats, as well as some sheep and dwarf goats. we played mini golf, went to the penny candy store, got free hot dogs in the back of the hardware store, chowder in front of the seafood restaurant, LM got a snowflake painted on his face, and we went to see the miniature train display. also, after a short break, LM and i went to see the mini village display and get him some sweats for basketball. oh, yeah, my boy, he is playing the hoops. 🙂

and today? i puttered with decorations around the house, and picked up some things to decorate the small pine tree out front when the snow melts a bit.

ah… snow. and really? i am loving the Christmas season this year.

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