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(sidebar: given the heat, and my odd sleeping patterns, and general stress, i’ve had many strange dreams lately. they may or may not appear here. one had to do with a house, and tenants, and a see-thru floor from one kitchen to another. one had to do with gardening. one had to do with driving, and some sort of showdown. none of them were pretty.)

MedSm said the other day that someone was teasing him about his hair. they called him FlatD, because, with his current hair cut, his hair is flat. (miracle of miracles for my curly headed boy!) the teaser has very curly hair.

in my dream, MedSm recounts much the same. the next moment, i catch him in the shower, washing his hair with hair spray. i grab it away from him, and chastise him for not using shampoo. ‘see, *this* is why your hair is spikey!’

now, how it went from flat to spikey, i don’t know.

and why i’m dreaming about his hair is also a mystery.


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have i mentioned how very much i love my boss, and my coworkers, and my job? they were all fairly cool about me being mondo late on Friday. (see previous entry, re: projectile vomiting child.) and they all asked how he was.

i, apparently, am no longer wired for all nighters. not that i ever was before, but copious lashings of caffeine seemed to work much better then than now.

MedSm is much, much better.

i adore living in a Small Town. hubby and i headed in to see MedSm in the parade. yes, we had a Memorial Day parade on Sunday, for which they *shut down Main Street*. and MedSm, to his credit, knew why we celebrated. also? i gave jen a call, and we met up with her on short notice. it was great to be able to hang out with her whilst watching the parade. lucky girl, she got *both* bagpipers and a mariachi band. 😉

sometimes, being a parent with shared custody is good. Sunday morning, we fed MedSm, dropped him off with his mom to work on the school float, headed back and took naps, went to the parade, and went home for more napping. she got most of the day with him, and we got to see him having a blast in the parade.

today, i slept in, meandered around for a bit, and then decided to tackle one of my gardening projects. when i manage to recharge my camera, there will be pictures. for now: it was immensely satisfying to cross one Big Ass Project off my list. and i now have more garden.

hubby watched the entire marathon of Band of Brothers, as well as assorted war movies. it was fascinating to hear hubby talk about his uncle, who was actually in the war, and the very few stories he heard about that experience. can’t blame Uncle F for not breaking out the stories all that often.

also, we grilled. and by we, i mean he. and It Was Good.

and that, folks, was my long weekend. hope you all had a great holiday!

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everything is all my fault. and i’m not allowed to wear heelys.

how is it all my fault, you may ask? and what exactly is ‘all’? well, the answer to the first is – he’s 7. the answer to the second is – really, everything.

an example: the shopping cart. i take MedSm shopping with me so i can pick up a few items. he spies a shopping cart in the lot, and says he wants to push it. okay, fine. we pass by the cart corral, and i say ‘you might want to leave the cart out here.’ some discussion as to whether i’m going to *use* the cart (no), and he still insists. okay, fine. doesn’t hurt to have him push it.

we get in the store, and halfway down the first aisle, the cart isn’t fun anymore. okay, fine. return it. pout, stomp, ‘why didn’t you tell me to leave it outside?’ i had to resist the urge to laugh. it took him three trips thru the whole store, coming back to tell me that he didn’t know where to leave it, and that he had to go outside, and i wasn’t being fair, and i was *meeeeeeeeean*, before he got done.

and that was all my fault because i didn’t tell him to leave it outside.

1) yes, i did.
2) guess what? i actually trust you to make (some) decisions based on information i give you. yes, i treat you like a real live Person With a Brain.
3) if this model is uncomfortable because others don’t treat you this way, i’m still not changing. because you deserve better.

the heelys? ah. well. we got into a conversation about them on our way to batting practice last week, probably about how it’s all my fault that he doesn’t have a pair of them. somehow, it came around to discussing if they came in my size. *scoff* ‘you can’t have those! you’re way too old!’ really. so what’s the age limit on heelys? ‘i dunno.’ could i wear them in high school? ‘yahhhh!’ how about college? (slightly less sure) ‘yeahhhhh… i guess.’ well, so i’m the same shoe size as i was in high school, so they come in my size.

he really wasn’t sure what to make of that, but maybe, just maybe, that idea will percolate around in his noggin, and get him started on the path of recognizing and thinking about -isms. is that too much to ask of my kid? nah. it’s all a gradual path, right? and i’m just planting seeds.

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as shelley observed in her comment on a recent post, my brain does seem to run at hyper speed. however, the fingers on the keyboard often do not keep up. 🙂

so… today, High Tea with The Ladies Who Lunch. (that, btw, is a gentle gest, mostly at my own expense, as i’ve become one of those suburban soccer moms who wears velvet sweatpants when she dresses up, and only drinks Chardonnay, with ice cubes. how the freak did that happen… oh. right. i’m a mom, who lives in a suburb. and red wine gives me migraines. /segue off) i’m not sure if this our third or fourth annual; in any event, it was lovely, despite the traffic that sucked big green donkey balls on Storrow on my way to meet up with them. they were very lovely and patient about my lateness, and it was wonderful to hang out with all of them.

recent throw down with the Ex Wife, and i don’t even want to get into it, other than the observation that i often feel like i have more than one kid to raise.

on that note: being an active parent for MedSm has been fascinating recently. well, he’s always fascinating, and i love being one of his parents. but, about the moment – he’s on the brink of being An Independent Being. yes, he’s always been independent, but this is about a bit more: he’s working on defining who he is as his own person, and hitting a point where he’s starting to make sense of bigger ideas. watching and participating in that mental shift… wow. just, wow, and damn, and how very cool.

MedSm has asked me how come i let him do things now that i wouldn’t let him do last year, like watch certain movies. (remind me to come back to movies in another post.) and i’ve told him: you see the world differently now. you *get* more of it. obviously, i used different words, but i think he appreciated being acknowledged, as a person, and as someone who is growing and changing.

on the other hand, he’s made several comments lately that make me feel my age. and yes, that is all about me, thankyouverymuch. one of the most striking: as keen as MedSm is on Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Danny Kaye, and Errol Flynn, he has very little idea who the Muppets are. and i think, how can you not know who the Muppets are? to wit, the ManahManah song. did we not all grow up with that? and didn’t we all sit down with our parents to watch the Muppet Show? and then it hits. *boof* (this is the first time i’ve really appreciated generational differences.)

in order to rectify that oversight in his education, i’ve rented a lot of the Muppet Shows for Family Movie Night. and MedSm has loved them.

man, i miss Jim Henson. also, Mister Looper. 15 points to the first person who explains that reference!

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we’re all members of a stepmom group, and i love and adore these women. feisty, strong, talented, and caring. Mother’s Day was definitely a challenge for all of us. can i just ask: how hard is it to acknowledge the people who matter? neverrrrrrmind. it’s a rhetorical question. my heart bleeds for some of them,tho, who not only didn’t get acknowledgement, but instead got a kick in the arse.

fwiw, here’s my post to them, paraphrased:

swamped literally – feet of rain in the last week. yes, feet, not foot. last time i checked on the center of town, people had brought canoes down, so they could traverse the soccer field.

fortunately, we’re part way up a hill. water table sucks, but we’re still just a pass by for the water. down hill, sometimes – strike that, always – thru our basement, but still keeps going down hill.

swamped figuratively – MedSm was sick, hubby is struggling with migraines (weather and stress), and work… ah, work. i *love* being swamped at work, and for once, i’m not being cynical. this is really the job of my dreams – i’m busy and engaged all day, there’s wiggle room for errands, and i can fit A Life into the schedule. so, The Days Are Packed, to quote Calvin and Hobbes, but in a very good way.

trying to figure out the juggling routine of Life, Work, and Play. well. aren’t we all trying to figure that out? 😉

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i actually almost gave myself whiplash just now, turning around to see – what was that? – is that something approaching *sunlight* outside my window?

we’re all fine. basement flooded a little, but that’s SOP for our house. the water table in town is about 6″ down, at best, and we live on a big freakin’ pile o’ rock. there’s actually a huge rock that starts in our driveway, goes down thru the basement, and probably keep going forever. makes for a nice rock garden. 😉

on a good day, we get rain in the basement. this week, it was like someone turned on a spigot in the corner. honestly, i was looking for the tap, or a broken pipe. French drain and two sump pumps, and it barely makes a dent. but at least we live half way up the hill. the water has two paths coming down the hill: down the street, or thru our basement. at least it’s only a pass-through.

i didn’t realize that it was that big a deal (hey, our town floods all the time) until several people called to make sure we were okay.

and then i checked out the papers.

schnikey! it’s a mess out there! let me say this about that, tho: keep in mind that photographers will always go for the most dramatic vantage point. yes, the schools were closed. yes, several streets were impassable. yes, someone actually did take a canoe down to the high school, because the flood waters made it possible to go for a rather lovely canoe trip up and down the street and across the soccer fields. yes, several manhole covers did look like the fountain at Trevi. but all those flooded parking lots? same ones that always flood, and all connected – which you couldn’t tell from the pictures. if you left your car there, given the weather? you knew what you were in for, or you’re From Away.

funniest things from yesterday: my boss’s son broke out the inflatable raft… in their basement. and my dad, who has been waiting for this moment for months, ran out with his stash of rubber duckies and tossed them in the pond that formed between their house and the neighbors (appears occasionally, sometimes complete with live ducks), then made his getaway.

and now i understand why there was a line down the block outside the hardware store the other day. i thought they were doing some sort of community thing, but apparently they were raffling off the few remaining sump pumps they had in stock. 😉

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hrmph. *cough*

so. i need to face up to a few things.

first: i keep saying i’ll catch up on posts, and put up photos, and generally make sense of my life.

hah! ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

photos may come, and posts may be written… but, honestly, to continue to promise My Three Faithful Readers things that may or may not happen? dumb.

sorry, folks. 😉 hope you keep reading, thanks for being here… but please don’t put any faith in recent promises.

also: ‘synthesizing the past year in a meaningful way’?

holy bajoley… what the fuck was i thinking when i wrote that? yes, i’ve done much therapy. yes, i work for a Very Touchy Feely Place (which i adore beyond belief!!). yes, i’m still trying to make sense of what it meant to me to be laid off. but… gawud dayum! synthesizing the past year. how very much crap.

lemme say this about that: i got home a few weeks ago, after trying to figure out the new work space. i’d also been thru a few ex-wife issues (not bad, just trying to balance things) that day. add in trying to figure out Issues with Someone Important in my life…by the time i got thru a phone convo at 10 pm, all i wanted to do was scream from the top of the roof ‘i’m done! i don’t want to process anything else! enough! the day has been all about doing for others, and… i’m done! basta!

soooo… what was my point? oh, yeah. love my life, love my hubby, love my kid, love my job, love my home. working on being more realistic about what i promise my readers. trying to make sense of where i am at the moment.

hey, bs? life and family does take a lot of time – you’re so very right about that. when we’re lucky, it’s very definitely time well spent. and if our parents are lucky, they’ll get a phone call many years after the fact, when we face things from the other side, and finally get a glimpse at what our parents did for us.

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