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only one, really. he ripped out a fart so ominously stanky that he nearly smoked us both out of the car.

reasons my kid is the ideal road trip companion:

he cracked me up by actually trying to sniff his own butt to see *how bad* the fart really was. also, by intoning the Movie Guy voice while talking to hubby on the phone: “in a world, where dad gets lost on the phone…”.

and? he kept himself entertained the whole way down and back. 4 and a half hours each way, no complaints, one pee break each way. he was mildly curious about how far we had to go, and very jazzed about crossing into each new state. his reaction to each one was funny. “hey, New Jersey doesn’t look anything like what i thought it would!” well, what did you expect? “well… more… desert-y, i guess.” *snicker* yeah… not quite that far south, kiddo.

we drove down to NJ this weekend, MedSm and me, for my nephew’s baptism. MedSm made new friends, collected a bazillion tennis balls and sold some of them, was funny and polite, and i was immensely proud of my little man – and told him so, and told him he was awesome in the car, that he was great to travel with. i think we don’t necessarily pass along compliments often enough.

reasons i love my nephew, the J-man:

he is the most gorgeous, Zen-like baby i’ve ever met. baptism, cold water poured on head? didn’t phase him. just reached for the water like “hey, that’s interesting – what is it?”

and, i have finally found someone who loves my singing voice. 🙂 i stocked up on premium baby time this weekend, and spent some time rocking him as he fought valiantly against napping, while i sang James Taylor songs to him. and he seemed to dig it. hey, he’s still a brand spankity new itty bitty. he’ll catch on eventually, and i’ll enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂


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(hi! how are you? missed you, too, and i know, it’s not much of a segue, but the caffeine hasn’t hit my system yet.)

regardless of whether you were a fan – and i wasn’t; then again, i don’t care for the Three Stooges or Jerry Lewis, either – kids loved him. my kid loved him. MedSm watched his show pretty much every day for a while. right, wrong or indifferent, he meant a lot to small kids. and now, my no longer so small kid is going to encounter his first famous person death. and i don’t know what that will mean to him.

he’s been pretty fortunate – hasn’t lost anyone close to him in the family yet, other than a few distant relatives he’d only met once or twice, and i’m not even sure how well he remembers them. we’ve dealt with pet deaths and disappearances, and those meant a lot to him, for sure. we even held a funeral service for a few of them (they went into cryo for a while, until he was ready, which made fishing dinner out of the freezer interesting), complete with prayers and little popsicle stick headstones.

i suppose this is a next step in learning about death, for him. and in some ways, i’m glad he gets the intermediary step. it was certainly easier to think about what it meant that Mr. Looper had died (and yes, i know, i’m dating myself – your point?) because of the level of remove, and on some level, maybe that made it easier when my great aunt died. i’ll never know if that’s the case; it’s a big what if. but it seems that easing into the subject has to be less gut wrenching that being plopped into it, full immersion…we’ll see.

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