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unconscious mutterings:

The best thing :: ever
Hold :: on
Rapture :: biblical
Cover :: sheet
Restrictive :: annoying
Baker :: and Taylor
Author :: scriptorum
Pill :: boon
Months :: weeks
Valentine’s Day :: manufactured

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she said, “don’t you think it’s better to be good because being good is decent and honourable rather than as a way to tempt the fates into treating you kindly? and doesn’t it seem to be The Bad Guys who seem to have all the luck?”

quite a decent question, and her comment points out a flaw in my commentary, because i never meant to imply that Life should treat me well because i treat Life well. so, i should clarify.

i lead my life as i do because it seems to me to be the right way to live. it makes sense to me, it resonates with me, and it gives reason to my life. i try to do well by others because there is no other option for me. and i won’t change that approach just because i’ve had a bad day. i’m not sure if we only get one go ’round, but let’s assume that’s the case – if that’s true, you can’t waste time being unkind. and even if you did get another go ’round, why would you want to use your time in any other capacity than being kind?

that being said… i have a hard time some days when it seems that putting out goodness and kindness only harvests ill will. i don’t expect or need gold stars for each action. it does seem to me, however, that the energy you put out is what comes back around to you. and i would like to think that it won’t take 3 or 4 more lives to see it come back. 🙂

and if it does? perhaps i should start wearing a black hat. 😉

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Plaster :: of Paris
Cabbage :: and kings
Jazz :: therapy [huh?]
Darts :: beer
Poke :: the monkey
Bribe :: illegal
Whale :: of a tale
Receipt :: proof
Answer :: dialog
Dentist :: drill

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