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it’s not really the *stuff*, per se, so much as the clean slate. sure, i like getting new things. doesn’t everyone? but putting a new face on old things can be just as satisfying. scrubbing everything sparkly clean, arranging things in different places, having the light hit things just so and seeing things with new eyes – all pleasing.

so it’s not as if i were having a flash back to my mall rat days (of which i had none). no, it was more wanting to see tangible changes in my own place, other than scattered messes which seem to have multiplied in the dark. i actually had a bit of a temper tantrum about my piggy little messes the other night, and felt very mature after that, let me tell you. how my brain thought pitching a fit would fix anything, i do not know.

still haven’t had a chance to change much at home, but i can see a few slots of time coming up wherein all that can happen, and feel calmer knowing that change is possible.

i also feel quite proud of what i did manage to get done last night. The Dane and i took on possibly the most satisfying home improvement project ever. well, okay. maybe not ever. but it sure feels good. we put up some peel and stick wall art – a wavy border, so there’s a road running all the way around the room, and all sorts of trains and planes and cars and boats on one wall. took a grand total of half an hour, at most. peel, stick, adjust, and done. (i do now have a greater appreciation for why my dad always cursed at great length whilst wallpapering. lining up those fuckers in the corners, and trying to get patterns to match? tough enough when it’s all removable.) and it was greatly satisfying to see the room transformed into a lovely kid space.

i’m really proud of how Little Monkey Boy’s room has come together. we’ve put some thought into making it a nice, kid-accessible space – short furniture, handles that are suitable for little hands, kid height laundry hamper, good lighting to keep away the boogie monster, a little night stand so he can reach the light when he wants to do so himself. and as pleased as i am about all of that (altho interior decoration will never be a second career for me), i’m even happier that Little Monkey Boy likes it. he’s opted to spend time playing in his new room – over watching cartoons! and a first for him – he was able to pick out all his clothes and get dressed on his own.

yeah. i’m sounding sort of ‘gushingly proud mom’, aren’t i? *shakes head* really couldn’t have told you a year ago that this is where i’d be. it’s been an interesting transition, that’s for sure.


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i’ve been moving for a month, and my routine is changing… yet i haven’t gotten any fun new things for myself or gotten a clean start with my own things.

isn’t that always one of the treats of moving? it’s a pain in the ass, yes, and hard, dirty work. but you get a new place! and it’s a clean canvas! and you can buy a new trash can with a flippy lid! or replace your shower curtain, guilt free! and you can throw out old stuff and get new stuff!

yeah, i know. gratuitous use of exclamation points. but isn’t it true? all the things that are normally chores in your regular place all take on a new significance, and setting up the new abode is a pleasing, nesting sort of thing.

this time around, i’ve gotten all the dirt and not so much of the exclamation points. i willingly pitched in to help The Dane move, true. and i suppose for that reason i shouldn’t be grousing. but after a month of packing and sorting and slogging and de-mold and mildewing (went thru 3 canisters and 2 cans of rug cleaner, in addition to polishing off a whole jug of Febreze) and taking out trash, i go home and see a month’s worth of laundry scattered willy nilly across the bedroom floor, closets to be swapped out for the season, and a well worn canvas.

having put my finger on it, now i can do something. there will be several nights of cleaning and organizing to get the bulk of things under control, and then i think i’m going to spring for a house cleaning service to come in and scrub the place, top to bottom. and then i can come home to lemon scented cleanliness, and luxuriate in the absence of dust bunnies (frankly, i think i have a herd of bunnies named Tim living under various pieces of furniture at this point). i will recline in comfort on my sofa, with a novel and a cup of tea, and reward myself with chocolate bon bons. and all will be right with the world. 🙂

a little side … something: driving up north this weekend, i observed the highway crews cleaning up the medians and leaving careful piles of yellow trash bags, presumably for later collection. if i were to put all my trash in yellow trash bags and leave it along the median, would they get picked up, do you think? 😉 just a thought.

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i’m immensely frustrated, frazzled, overwhelmed, and completely incapable of dealing with chaos right now. i think my chaos meter has burnt out. and i’m too frazzled to even vent (for which you are most likely grateful, yes?).

on the other hand, Eddie Izzard tonight, with friends and family.

i’m working on seeing the silver lining.

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Country:: mouse

G:: Love and Special Sauce

Offer:: temptation

Connection:: speed

Quest:: Holy Grail

Lighthouse:: Cleveland Ledge Light

Sycamore:: Avenue

Inhumane:: animal abuse

Sneer:: Dudley Doright

Weapon:: missing

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don’t get me wrong – we still have a good system.

but my dream of everything growing little feet and jumping into boxes of its own volition, and then the boxes growing feet and scampering down the stairs? not so much happening.

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nah, it’s not really that bad. 🙂 but i am humming to myself, as the boxes fill up, trash bags go out, things are sorted and labelled and cleaned and dusted, and the moving itself hums along.

smartest thing we did, it seems, is sit down one night last week and assess the effort rather than just jumping in feet first. we walked thru the house, making a big room by room list, then pulling out action items (call brother #1, call brother #2, find a moving van by thus and such a date), and tacked it up on the side of the fridge. and the list was pretty specific, too. rather than ‘pack bedroom’, it was ‘sort closet – 2 hours’, ‘pack books – 3 hours’, ‘shit you haven’t used in 5 years – take to Goodwill’, ‘baby things – give to cousin’. two advantages to this: when the list was done, we could get a good idea of how long things would take and what to tackle first, *and* it was easy to see when a specific task was done. also, we’ve tried to stick to the rule that you don’t pick something up unless you know where it’s going. that way, you don’t have to handle things more than once.

lemme tell you – the list (all three pages of it) seemed daunting at first, but now it’s our best friend. there is nothing like the sense of satisfaction you can get from using a big fat marker to cross off one more thing done. we’re about 3/4 of the way thru, and it’s gone from three pages of black and white ‘to do’ to a fairly colorful assortment of ‘things done!’. and that’s a nice thing to see.

also exciting was finding the antenna for the stereo, because now we have hot and cold running music on tap! music, i find, is a motivational requirement for undertakings such as this. don’t you think? what’s your soundtrack when you have to get something done?

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Coat:: m’hat

Allowance:: weekly

Mist:: lake

Disorder:: chaos

Scheme:: get rich

Dick:: wad

Homework:: desk

Milton:: British

Shampoo:: cap

Z:: sleep

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