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unconscious mutterings:

Rhyme :: reason
Substantial :: hefty
Instant :: gratification
Greed :: ugly
Brad :: Pitt
Season :: swing
Accomplished :: done
Invite :: welcom
Sparkle :: sheen
Rainbow :: arc


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it was a rough weekend, in some ways; spent a lot of time crying, which generally helps – a good cry gets things out of the system. but in this case, i just ended up tired, and no clearer. and the thought of sitting at a keyboard was more than i could deal with.

fortunately for you lucky readers, i may have multiple posts today to make up for it. 😉

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parenting lesson #329:

if you allow your child to experiment with the meat tenderizer mallet with modelling clay because it seems safer than other targets, be prepared for the fact that the dishwasher will not remove all of said modelling clay.

i’m just sayin’.

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that, boys and girls, would be the sound of my ass falling soundly off the NaBloPoMo train.

the last few days have been a bit of a wreck, and i haven’t gotten near a keyboard. which is a bit of a shame, for a lot of reasons. i’m really getting into the groove of posting something everyday, to the point where i’ve said, out loud, in front of other people, ‘oh, i am *so* blogging that!’. complete with Valley Girl accent, i might add.

earless don rickles

i have mightily resisted the (granted, minor) urge to backdate, as there were definitely posts in my head, but that doesn’t really count. also? who wants to be a cheatypants?

anyway, courtesy of Mrs. Kennedy, a little something that i’m hoping counts for a day of amnesty, as i certainly intend to hop back on the NaBloPoMo train, hobo that i am.

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MedSm is coming up on his first year of MCAS. and he’s recently started working on a website that will help him with the testing. i agree with his teacher – it’s a great tool. however.

computer games hold a power over kids. and numbers also hold a power; this is the first year they’re getting nuber grades, as in 78%, rather than ‘good job!’. combine the two, and the effect can be lethal, especially if said student doesn’t quite get the scoring algorithm, or the questions being asked.

MedSm had a breakdown tonight, because he’d worked so hard to get 100%, which he did on the last iteration of the test. but the program didn’t reward him with an award. it just said ‘P’. as in, ‘Proficient’.

and in watching him melt down, and trying to talk him thru it, my heart shattered into a million pieces. because i remembered every time i didn’t score well enough, and disappointed myself, my dad, my teacher… and i still remember the time in algebra, when Mr. Trenholm returned my test, pointed at my grade (67%), and said ‘i’m disappointed. i know you know more than that.’ if i could have sunk thru the floor at that instant, i would have.

he is trying so hard, MedSm is, to be a good student, and do what he needs to. and for some reason, he already thinks that failing the third grade MCAS will keep him out of college. ohmigod, the stress on these kids! i wish i could have reasoned with him, and helped him understand that it’s not the end of the world. it’s part of a learning process. they won’t hold you back – oh, yeah, we’ve already had that discussion. going from figuring out math on paper to in your head, staring at a computer screen? huge leap! and not one that is made without sacrifices.

breaks my heart that he’s so wound up about this. i don’t want to minimize the importance of being a good student; i do want him to understand, tho, that being the best student that *he can be* is just what he should be doing.

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but if i did? long gone.

i was a bit of a slug today, sleeping in, puttering, visiting with Chica Bean (honey, remind me to tell you the green olive story), and generally doing not all that much.

kate observed recently that i seem to be living life at Mach 10. and i suppose that may be true, altho i don’t really see it in the moment. if i did, i might implode, so i guess it’s better that i don’t. she has a point, tho. most of my waking life seems to be about doing, and going, and other.

so it was nice to have a morning where i could doze, and pay attention to my breathing, and move at my own pace.

back into the upstream tomorrow.

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and it wasn’t exactly voluntary, more like ‘unless i break out the toothpicks my eyes will close’ napping.

trying to get a few things done now, since i’m awake for a bit… folding laundry, sorting papers, blogging, cleaning the bathroom…

oh, lordy, i need a vacation.

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